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With this tool you can build and customize your injectors test bench. With the AutoMA 100 you can test up to 8 high and low impedance injectors and also service  IAC valves automatically at the same time, saving time in your test and service to your customer. it includes a set of harnesses that covers 90% of the connectors on the market.

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With this tool you can improve your workshop, laboratory, sales of spares, electric-parts and hobbyists in general, giving  professionalism to your service, with AutoMA 200 you can test ignition coils, ignition modules, IAC valves, injectors, electronic accelerators and any actuator in an effective and easy way. The equipment can measure current load and impedance to specify dynamically and fast diagnosis of actuators, provided with a set of harnesses that cover 90% of the connectors for the automotive market.

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