AutoMA 200 Universal Tester

With this tool you can improve your workshop, laboratory, sales of spares, electric-parts and hobbyists in general, giving  professionalism to your service, with AutoMA 200 you can test ignition coils, ignition modules, IAC valves, injectors, electronic throttles and any actuator in an effective and easy way. The equipment can measure current load and impedance to specify dynamically and fast diagnosis of actuators, provided with a set of harnesses that cover 90% of the connectors for the automotive market.


  • Protected  against over load and short circuit.
  • Easy control panel.
  • Indicators to select the mode of work and the setting of control signals.
  • 900 to 6000 RPM adjustment (± 5%.)
  • 1 to 7 milliseconds (mS ± 10%) pulse width.
  • Adjust signals synchronized to  closing and opening IAC valves.
  • Supports up to 5 Amps of continuous load and peaks of 12 Amps.
  • Universal connectors to perform fast and effective testing.




  • AutoMA 200 universal tester.
  • 5 harnesses.
  • Protecting soft case.
  • User Manual.



You can download the user manual for this product here

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