AutoMA 100 Pulse Generator

With this tool you can build and customize your injectors test bench. With the AutoMA 100 you can test up to 8 high and low impedance injectors and also service  IAC valves automatically at the same time, saving time in your test and service to your customer. it includes a set of harnesses that covers 90% of the connectors on the market.



  • 7.5 Amp fuse protected
  • Easy control panel.
  • Indicators to select the mode of work and control signals settings.
  • Indicators to select the duration of the service time.
  • 450 to 5000 RPM adjustment (± 4%),
  • 4 milliseconds (mS ± 5%) fixed pulse width.
  • Adjust of synchronized closing and opening IAC valves signals.
  • Supports up to 7 Amps of continuous load and peaks of 12 Amp.
  • Universal connectors for quick and efficient testing.


  •  AutoMA 100 pulse generator.
  • 5 harnesses
  • Protecting soft case
  • User manual

You can download the user manual for this product here

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